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Serge Prengel
Proactive Coach
244 Fifth Avenue (at 28th St) # 9E
New York, NY 10001

I'm on the 9th Floor, where I sublet space from "Psychotherapy Associates".
On the 9th Floor, there is a buzzer for me (Serge Prengel / Proactive Coach).

If you come before 9 AM or after 4 PM, you may find the downstairs doors locked.
Ring buzzer # 9E (there is no name on the downstairs buzzer)

Tel: 212-481-2480

- Lex Ave Local "6" train stops at 28th St & Park Ave
- "R" & "W" trains stop at 28th St & Broadway
- "1" train stops at 28th St & 7th Avenue
- 6th Ave trains stop at 34th St & 23rd St ("F"& "V" only)

If you come by car:
- Avoid 28th St between 7th Ave and 5th Ave (traffic)
- Parking: 6th Ave & 26th St or Park Ave & 28th St

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