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Overcoming anxiety: a proactive approach


You're facing life problems, or professional problems. And feeling anxious.

Some degree of worrying, and even some degree of fear, is normal.

Generalized anxiety disorder is when you find it impossible to relax. When you constantly worry about things. When you're so worried that you find it hard to focus on something else.

Other symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder include sleeping problems, repeatedly waking up in the middle of the night with worries and anxiety...

Counseling can help you overcome anxiety. We can do so through a combination of:

- insights into how you become anxious: Better understanding what is happening is not just a tool for action; it is also a way to feel more in control, and to alleviate anxiety;

- gently stretching the limits of your comfort zone, in such a way that you are able to draw on your inner resources to face the challenge and assimilate your progressive victories. Changing behavior helps you reorganize how you feel about what causes anxiety. But a gentle approach is important: the pace of change shouldn't turn into a threat (which would be counterproductive).

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