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In this day and age, it is much easier to have a good-looking resume than a well thought-out resume.

People look for examples of resume writing to “enrich” their own resume with catchphrases and clichés. Well, effective resume writing is not based on tips, but on having a sound communication strategy.

What do I mean by “strategy”?

Simply that you have taken the time to understand what it takes to do the job you want, and to think through how your qualifications and experience address these needs.

It's as if you have 60 seconds to sell yourself (without selling out).

It seems quite obvious, doesn’t it? Well, employers and recruiters keep complaining that the majority of resumes they receive are not in synch with the job requirements, even when these requirements are clearly spelled out.

Once you have a strategy, writing the resume and cover letter is much easier. Whenever you have a question about what to say or emphasize, you go back to the strategy: how is this piece of information contributing to “sell” you for this job?


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