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look for the fork in the road

Do we continue on the same path we have been following all along, or do we take a different path? The "fork in the road" is our chance to make decisions, to make changes, to experiment with new possibilities.

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change is a process

Change happens over time. Change involves learning from confronting the obstacles we encounter. Progress is not linear. We go up for a while, then we start going down. Then we go back up again... just like a spiral.

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Be open to what happens

The temptation is strong to see this process in black-and-white terms: either we succeed in making the change we want, or we fail. There is a danger in this.

Be careful to remember the difference between "This was a failure" and "I'm a failure". This way you can learn from what happens.

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Integrate the dark side

We all experience, to some degree, a conflict between different parts of ourselves. There's a part that directs us to do what we should do... and a part that rebels against any directives. As we become more conscious of our rebellious part, we begin to understand it better. As a result, we become better able to make contracts with ourselves that we can live with, and fulfill.

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