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"The body of a person tells us much about his personality. His posture, the look in his eyes, the set of his jaw, the carriage of his head, the position of his shoulders are only a few of the many indices of character to which we unconsciously react.

"There are other characteristics such as the quality of a handshake, the tone of the voice, and the spontaneity of gesture that impress us immediately."

From: Breathing, Movement and Feeling, by Alexander Lowen, M.D.

Body, Mind and Spirit (or Soul) are convenient terms used to delineate different aspects of the human system. Whatever touches one aspect affects them all.

What happens at the body level influences the mind.
What happens with the mind helps mold the body.

How does the body influence the mind?

When you pay attention to how your emotions are embodied in your body language, it helps you tap into your emotional intelligence - the deeper inner resources that go beyond words.

In other words: you can be both more authentic and more effective, at work and in your relationships.


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