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scissorship: a whimsical story about serious stuff


This story has many images, and not so many words, so it's quick and fun to read. It uses deceptively simple metaphors to address deep issues: understanding where your true strengths are, and finding power in accepting yourself.

The parable in this e-book will inspire you to think creatively about identity in your personal life as well as in work situations:
- how comfortable you are in your own skin,
- who are you trying to be in your relationships,
- what role you may be playing at work,
- getting a better handle on your company’s “brand identity”.

" I left with a smile - lovely and fun - superb graphics. Well done!"

Terrence Real, author of
I Don't Want To Talk About It and How Can I Get Through to You?

Comments from early readers:

“A colorful poetic book.”

“I love your playfulness and joy.”

“I love it! It's subtle, powerful as a parable can be powerful.”

“A charmingly creative, instructive, and pleasurable way to learn about yourself.”

“What happens when our psychic scissors just don't cut it? This story helps you gain a new perspective on where your true strengths lie.”

"A child's game turns into a lasting insight."


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