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What makes it so hard to get along, or just communicate, with our intimate partners?

We bring to our intimate relationships the baggage of a lifetime. The closer the relationship, the more this baggage comes into play.

When you have an argument, what you hear is distorted by your baggage. It may feel like you're objective, and your partner isn't. But chances are both of you are unconsciously distorting what you hear, to one degree or another.

As a result, both of you feel misunderstood, unfairly treated, hurt... Of course, this doesn't make it any easier to deal with the issues and resolve conflicts.

Once you realize this, the sense of despair that comes from feeling so misunderstood and ill-treated can start to lift. Because there is a way out.

I coach you to better understand each other. To find ways to work together as opposed to fighting against each other.

Better yet: When you come see me, it's not to rehash the same old fights, it is to find a way out of the "same old" patterns.

Relationship coaching strengthens your listening skills as well as your conflict-resolution skills. So it is not just a way to solve the problems you may be experiencing right now. It is also a way to strengthen your ability to deal with future problems in your relationship.

What if my partner refuses to have any form of marriage counseling or relationship coaching? See some suggestions.


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