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We've all heard about the use of visualization in gymnastics, in tennis, and sports coaching in general. We know that, for Olympic athletes, visualization of goals is a way to help improve performance.

Why shouldn't it work for you?

I define proactivity as looking back... from the future. Creative visualization is a great way to look back from the future. More than that: a great way to be pulled from where you are toward your goal.

Images, and the emotions that go with visualizing things, are a very powerful way to motivate us.

Take a hint from Madison Avenue: advertising doesn't sell us products just by telling us they're good for us. Advertising taps into the power of images. Commercials tell us stories that build a brand personality. At a semi-conscious level, we find affinities for these personalities. Our connections with brands are not just made on a rational level, they're emotionally charged.

"Future visioning" is a good tool for personal development. It is a way to make goals more concrete, and to make more of an emotional connection with what these goals mean to us.

As you contemplate making specific changes, let yourself visualize what it would be like to have achieved this goal. Let yourself feel the excitement. The goal is in sight, you can smell it, you can taste it... Remember what this feels like: this is the experience of feeling motivated.

This vision will be a very effective way to help pull you through the inevitable difficulties of making the changes you want.


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