Proactive psychotherapy

a proactive alternative to traditional psychotherapy


Psychotherapy is traditionally defined as "the treatment of mental and emotional disorders". This definition evokes the medical model of illness and treatment.

In the world we live in, everybody needs some help at one time or another. For instance: when you feel stuck... Or when you want more out of life, work and relationships... But this doesn't mean you need to be "cured" or "treated". My clients do not see themselves as “patients” who seek “treatment”. They are people who want to take an active role in getting more out of life.

Because of this, I define my work as coaching rather than therapy:

- my clients are within the broad range of normal functioning (including high achievers)

- my approach includes both psychodynamic orientation and attention to practical issues. Your baggage affects your present reality; as we deal with what you're doing (or not doing) in the present, we are in the thick of things

- work is experiential: it's not about rehashing the same thing over and over again, it's about finding a way to "get it" at a deep level, so that you can make the changes you need.

In practice, what does this mean?

- We view the problems you're facing as a challenge, as opposed to a disorder or a pathology.

- This is an opportunity to build on your existing strengths as well as develop new skills.

- We set goals and evaluate progress. Inner exploration is very much related to making changes in your life. In fact, there is a dynamic relationship between the two: Better understanding helps you make changes. But making changes also helps you better understand what had been blocking you.

- Getting in touch with feelings and emotions, and exploring your subconscious, is a process that engages your creative side. This helps you tap into powerful innner resources to better face life's challenges.

Is this the right approach for you?

If you see yourself as needing "treatment" or "healing", there is no reason to force yourself to try something else. There is no shortage of good traditional psychotherapists, and I would encourage you to seek one.

Consider working with me only if you feel excited at the idea of taking a more proactive approach.


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