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If you're in the midst of a divorce, you're experiencing a lot of pressures. Major decisions have to be made, about who keeps the marital residence, how money is shared, how the children are cared for, etc... All of this happens in a climate of distrust between you and your partner.

You may feel that dealing with your feelings is a luxury you can't afford at this time. You may be afraid that, if you were to be too conscious of your emotions, you might no longer be capable of coping with the pressures of your divorce. But it's just the opposite.

Divorce opens some of your deepest wounds... yours as well as your partner's. You push each other's buttons. This makes it more and more difficult to deal squarely with the issues. This is why the typical divorce takes so long to be finalized... months, and, sometimes, even years.

You can't do much about your partner's wounds and emotional state. But you can do a lot about yours. Dealing with your emotional issues through divorce coaching will help you deal more efficiently with all the other issues.

In other words, dealing with your emotional divorce is not just a way to rebuild your life... it is also an investment in reducing the aggravation of your divorce process.


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