Proactive Change & Resolutions

4 proactive steps for new year's resolutions

Every new year, we make resolutions. It feels like getting a new start on life. We're full of hope and anticipation.

But, year after year, the same thing happens. Within a few weeks, it's all gone -- the enthusiasm, the hope... Once again, the new year resolution has fizzled out. And we feel deflated, sad and guilty: we broke our promises to ourselves.

Research shows that half of the people who make good resolutions at new year have given up on them by the end of June. It doesn't matter what their new year resolution was -- to diet, to lose weight, to exercise, to sleep better, to work better... whatever...

Now, that was the "glass is half empty" perspective. The "glass is half full" perspective is that half of the people succeed.

Which half do you want to be in?

It's not necessarily going to be easy to succeed, but it will be easier if you are prepared.

Step 1: Aim for a specific goal


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1. aim for it
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