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If I think of Higher Self as an abstract metaphysical concept, I can talk about it, but I have no experience of it. How can one experience a concept?

On the other hand, I have had the experience of feeling fully myself, while feeling connected to something larger than myself. I think of this as experiencing a state of Higher Self.

I believe that we experience our spiritual side by dealing with the concrete, mundane experiences of daily life. As we go through life's challenges and learn from them about who we are, we also feel more connected to something larger than ourselves.

We get closer to our Higher Self as we grow more accepting of the negative emotions that we usually repress. Meditation can help us do that.

As we observe and accept our lower self as well as our higher self, we get a sense of wholeness and unity that applies to our everyday life.

Far from being separate from our everyday life, our spiritual side actually helps us deal with it, and make more out of it.

I like to think of practical life and spiritual as two sides of the same coin:

- The practical side is paying attention to what makes life possible.

- The spiritual is paying attention to what gives life its meaning.


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