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Robin T. is typical of many people who find themselves on the receiving end of abuse - capable, self-assured and vulnerable to being blindsided.

Robin considers herself an easy-going woman, but she says she became "a nervous wreck" working as a secretary in a small office in upstate New York and turned to antidepressants for relief.

"I had an eye twitch, my eating habits became very poor, my sleeping was terrible. I had very severe asthmatic episodes. A lot of it was stress. By the time I got home, I was wound tighter than a drum, I just wanted to be left alone."

Her boss, she says, was condescending and cruel... His cruelty had long-term consequences for Robin. "I got to a point where I started to question my ability", she says. "Intellectually, you know not to let it make you feel bad, but you start to believe it. I felt humiliated. I was angry at myself: 'What have you done with your life that you're working for a person like this?'.."

Source: NY Daily News, April 5 2004, p.42

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