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Anger is an emotion we tend to be uncomfortable about. We're afraid of it. But the problem is not anger itself. It is anger management.

There is a difference between experiencing anger... and acting it out in rageful, destructive ways. In fact, effective anger management techniques are not about eliminating anger. They are about controlling anger by becoming more comfortable with it.

Anger management is about understanding how what causes our anger, and how we experience it. For instance, anger is often triggered by the fear of being powerless.

In other words, anger management is not just about tips and techniques. It is about understanding ourselves better. In this way, we do not feel that we are on a tight leash when we try to manage our anger. We are truly in control, in a poised and relaxed manner.

It is difficult to change habits that are deeply ingrained... but it is not impossible. It helps to have a healthy respect for the difficulty of this task... but to not let this intimidate us.

Together, we go right into the eye of the storm: we explore what happens during these semi-conscious moments when you get angry.

I help you go through a "slow motion replay" of these difficult moments.

We explore together what happens, in a gentle, curious and accepting way. This helps you become more aware of what is happening, and how to fight it.

Change doesn't happen instantly. Success comes from both getting insights into what happens, and practicing new habits. Supportive coaching helps you overcome the ups and downs that are a normal part of the process of changing habits.

As you stick with it, this process brings about changes. And, as you act differently, you experience yourself as a different person.


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