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the power of resilience:
cultivating a resilient mindset


Resilience can be defined as the ability to bounce back.

In their book, The Power of Resilience, Dr. Robert Brooks and Dr. Sam Goldstein describe resilience as the answer to the following questions: What are the factors that help some adults to bounce back while others languish in feelings of helplessness and hopelessness? ... What is the inner strenhgth that propels some people to overcome mighty obstacles in their path?

They make a very important point: resiliency is not the absence of stress:
Possessing a resilient mindset does not imply that one is free from stress, pressure and conflict, but rather than one can successfully cope with problems as they arise.

While they talk of "possessing a mindset", they are emphatic that mindsets can be changed:
The more we understand the beliefs that guide our behaviors, the more successfully we engage in the process of replacing counterproductive, self-defeating assumptions with those that will lead to a more resilient, fulfilling life.

The Power of Resilience , by Dr. Robert Brooks and Dr. Sam Goldstein


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