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Brain teasers, jigsaw puzzles and crossword puzzles are not just a way to kill time. Like many play activities, they fulfill a very serious role: that of helping us reinforce some important skills: creative thinking, problem solving, visual and verbal skills...

Not only that. These are very absorbing activities. As we get engrossed in them, we forget our other worries, and we get into a state of flow.

This is the opposite of what happens when, in the course of our everyday life, we confront problems at home and at work that can drive us crazy.

Strangely enough, the best antidote to the problems you have no control over is to confront new problems of your own choosing: brain teasers and puzzles that exercise your imagination but present no threat to your sanity or well-being.

I encourage you to look at puzzles and brain teasers not just as a passtime, but also as the process of using controlled stress as a way to fight stress.

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