Feeling stuck



What is it that makes smart, talented people prone to feeling confused?

They aim higher than most, without being aware of their own drive and ambition. In fact, they experience their efforts as a struggle to barely cope, hence the sense of feeling stuck.

This may be related to perfectonism: when you're a perfectionist, you're not aware of yourself as a perfectionist. You don't see that you have high standards for yourself, you just see how you fall short of these standards. You focus on your shortcomings rather than your talents and achievements. You see yourself as confused, ambivalent, powerless, or overwhelmed.

This vision of the world feels realistic: after all, you're failing to meet your standards, aren't you? This is a vicious cycle that you have to break.

To do this, I help you connect with a felt sense of what you really want... your real goals... something that is going to motivate you at a gut level... a powerful drive that will help you break through the vicious cycle.


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