Feeling stuck

are you feeling stuck?
or overwhelmed? or confused?
get unstuck!


I've noticed something very striking about the people who come to see me complaining that they're feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or "so confused"... After a while, it becomes clear that they are much more talented and much more ambitious than average.

Can I conclude that, if you feel confused or stuck, this is a sure sign that you have above average capabilities?

Well, Albert Einstein, as a child, was a slow learner. We can't conclude from this that all slow learners will turn out to be geniuses. But we can certainly be open to the possiblity that at least some slow learners might turn out to develop into very smart people.

So I am open to the possibility that people who feel stuck might turn out to be people with the potential to achieve a lot.

To get unstuck, I help you connect with a felt sense of what you really want... your real goals... something that is going to motivate you at a gut level... a powerful drive that will help you break through the vicious cycle.

Of course, motivation alone is not enough. All this freed-up energy has to be channeled into a realistic plan, and into consistent efforts to overcome the inevitable obstacles. The combination of motivation, planning and follow-through is what makes up effective coaching.


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