Feeling stuck

how to overcome writers block


You look at the blank page. And it looks like it is a barrier that thwarts you.

What are you going to do to beat writer's block?

You keep staring at it. Nothing happens - instead, it keeps looking more solidly blocked.

Let's, for a moment, take a different perspective.

Let's think of this barrier as a pause that allows you to reconsider what you're after.

Instead of trying to break the barrier, and to get more and more frustrated about the impossibility of coming up with the stuff you're trying to write about... write about the experience you're having, right now: the experience of being stuck.

As you write, ask yourself:
- What is it I really want to write about?
- What does it mean to me to write about it?

Something powerful happens when you ask yourself these questions.

If you decide that what we could get from fighting the obstacle is not worth the effort, then you're now free to pursue other directions.

If you decide you still want very much what lies ahead of the obstacle, then you have found new depth to your motivation.


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