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The test of whether your approach to time management is working is... looking at the results:

- Are you managing to do what you ned to do within deadlines?

- If so, at what cost to yourself?

Here are some of the tips that getting things done at work may be taking a heavy toll on you:

- You often feel like you're spending your time catching up... You rarely have enough time to enjoy feeling relaxed while you're productive.

- You feel there's a big backlog of things that you have to do and should have done long ago. There are always big piles on your desk; this is not a temporary anomaly, but pretty much a permanent situation.

- You feel like you're always rushing to get things done, and going nowhere fast.

- You haven't found time to do things you consider important for your work. For instance: being current on trade magazines you consider important; spending time networking new business...

- You haven't found the time or energy to do things you consider important for your own well-being. For instance: a regular regimen of exercise; more social activities...

If you recognize yourself in the above, it is time to make changes.


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